Sep 1, 2017

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Why It’s Much Better to Hire a Crewed Boat Charter?

Spending a few days at sea is the ultimate getaway dream. Wake up to fresh air, enjoy seafood fare and swim and dive till you get a tan. That’s why hiring a crewed private boat charter is the first step to getting the vacation you want:

Two types of charters
First off, charters have two types—crewed and bareboat charters, says the Cruising World. The first one means you pay for the expense of renting a boat that comes along with a captain and crew. Bareboat means you and your friends are the captain and crew of the boat.

Why crewed?
If you’re going on vacation, the last thing you’ll probably be in the mood for is having to worry about navigation, if there are enough groceries or provisions on board or performing boat maintenance. If you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest, hiring a crewed charter makes for a much better option.

Benefits of crewed charters
Going for a crewed private boat charter means you have someone to take care of the essentials, from manning the boat, serving the food and washing the dishes to ensuring the boat is on course and that there aren’t any engine glitches or equipment failures. It’s convenient and means less fuss and stress on your part.

How to find one
These days, you won’t have to worry about spending too much time searching through online results. Look for boat finder apps instead. Choose the best one and you’ll instantly have access to licensed captains and their boats you could easily book for your trip dates.

Reminders and tips
Don’t forget to explore the features of the app. Be on the lookout for promos and discounts that could take a chunk out your rental bills and expenses. That’s going to mean more cash for your vacation fund.

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