Sep 22, 2015

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5 Tips for Choosing Your Kilimanjaro Tours

Planning to go on Kilimanjaro tours? Here are a few tips to help you pick the right tour operator:

1. Go for Reasonable Rates
While you don’t want to get taken in by overpriced tour operates, you should be equally wary of those that advertise lower rates than the norm. It always means they’re skimping on something—whether that’s on food, guide experience or equipment quality. It’s a large investment in time and money and it’s worth a little more investment for an adventure of a lifetime. To get the best Kilimanjaro tours for you and your family, go for outfitters that offer reasonable prices.

2. Research on the Equipment
Some of the tour operators give you a list of the equipment they’ll use. Take advantage of that information by Googling it. Know what the grade of the quality equipment they use. If the tour operator offers you premium equipment, that’s a good sign.

3. Check the Licenses
The local government in Tanzania regulates all tour operators in the area. So if you want to check out how legitimate the tour operator is, ask for a copy of their license. If they can’t show you anything or go through another tour operator, that’s a sign that you need to take your business elsewhere.

4. Expertise
Do the guides and staff have the practical and hands-on experience necessary to take care of you and your group should something happen on the mountain? Are they properly trained? Check the licenses. Research online to check on the operators. Put your network to good use by asking friends and family who’ve gone on the same trip for tips on the best local guides and tour operators they spent time with. All that will help you find the right trekking team for your group.

5. Rapport
While expertise and know-how are crucial, rapport with your tour guide makes the experience much more enjoyable. So pick a tour operator whose tour guides you’re comfortable with. Remember, you’re going to spend days together on your Kilimanjaro Tours. One thing that could help make a difference—aside, of course from the breathtaking views—is having a friendly tour staff by your side. That’ll make the experience that much better.

Also, don’t forget to read up on ethical tipping. In the BBC News country profile, Tanzania remains one of the poorest nations in the world. So tip when you can. Show your appreciation for the people who do their best to make your tours unforgettable.

These are just a few tips on how to choose an operator for your Kilimanjaro tours. To enjoy all these from your tour operator, book with us today!

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