Nov 28, 2014

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Finding a Special Class of Eatery in New York City – The Sea Fire Grill Experience is Exceptional

No one in the world does seafood like New England, and the top American seafood destination in New York City, without a doubt, is The Sea Fire Grill.

From a simple, succulent crab meat roll to the subtle flavors coaxed into a delicately basted Atlantic Halibut, diners are thrilled beyond their expectations, from appetizer to dessert, with exquisite wine pairings throughout. Chef Ted Pryor has had a lifelong love affair with seafood, and after sharpening his craftsmanship of American and French Seafood cuisine in high-end kitchens across the globe, his exceptional talent has found a true home at The Sea Fire Grill in Midtown, New York.

Upon first entering this restaurant, every guest begins an awakening, and heightened sensory perception, from the visual experiences of designer Greg Centeno’s New World Planning & Design. They present a calming sea of shimmering hues of blue recessed lighting, white ivory floor tiles, and the modern accent of mirroring which gives way to the seafood house classic decor of an inviting roaring marble fireplace, dark woods and tasteful elegance throughout.

The Benjamin Steakhouse Group has an elite reputation for combining the best-of-the-best in exquisite surroundings, world class cuisine from top chefs and the exceptional curration of premiere wines and classic cocktails by beverage directors/Sommeliers, like the talented and insightful Jason Ferris. Jason’s work, which is recognized by “Food & Wines Magazine”, is the perfect compliment in this unforgettable dining experience.

Guests feel an orchestration of inwardly satisfying elements typical of the clean, straight forward cues precisely developed by Benjamin Prelvukaj and Ben Sinanaj. They have partnered with their trusted head chef, Ted Pryor, to ensure their guests are never disappointed with the selection of insightful menu presentations, which are never pretentious, but always an extraordinarily pleasant sensation to the palate.

Make your reservations to visit The Sea Fire Grill for your portion of serious satisfaction. The hottest gathering in New York is ready to greet you and your companions with exceptional decadence from appetizer to dessert, with impeccable service and grand style.

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