Nov 1, 2016

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Potential Benefits of Using Hula Hoops in Hawaii

Potential Benefits of Using Hula Hoops in Hawaii

While it’s often recommended that people get at least a half hour of cardiovascular exercise most days of the week, it isn’t always easy to motivate yourself to actually work out. The best way to make exercise a consistent habit is to choose an exercise you enjoy. One option that many people find to be fun is using hula hoops in Hawaii. There are a wide variety of benefits to this type of exercise.

May Help With Weight Loss

During the time you spend hula hooping, you’ll burn about seven calories every minute, depending on the intensity of your exercise and how much you weigh. This can add up to a significant amount over time, potentially leading to weight loss. Each pound of weight lost requires you to burn 3,500 calories more than you eat. Even better, some of this weight will come from the visceral fat around your organs, which is the type of fat that most increases disease risks.

Builds Muscles and Strengthens the Spine

You’ll use your whole body in the process of spinning hula hoops in Hawaii, which means you’ll strengthen your core, arms, rear end, and legs. Because of the type of movement involved, some research has also shown potential benefits for spine health, making it more flexible and limiting the risk of back injuries. Using a weighted hula hoop may further improve the muscle-building benefits of participating in this sport. This type of workout is particularly good for those who sit all day in front of a computer¬†since this type of activity can cause alignment problems.

Improves Heart Health

As with any cardiovascular exercise, hula hooping can improve heart health as long as you get just 20 minutes of hooping in per day. Any weight lost will further improve the heart-health benefits of hula hooping, as obesity is a risk factor for heart disease.

Can Improve Coordination

Hooping the right way, including sending the hoop spinning at least part of the time in each direction, helps work your brain as well as your body and makes it so you improve your coordination and balance.

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