Jan 19, 2016

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Reasons To Consider A Villa Rental In Tortola

Vacations are a necessary part of life for many people because it gives them the chance to unwind and do something different from their routine. However, finding the right place to stay is essential to having a wonderful time. There are many hotels and lodges out there, but you may want to consider a villa rental in Tortola, as it can offer better value, more incentives and privacy. There are so many reasons to consider villas instead of traditional hotels, which can help you make a decision.


For those who enjoy traveling in groups, you may have realized that privacy is nearly impossible in a hotel. While you can walk around in your PJs in the hotel room, you can’t go to the pool like that or into the attached restaurant. You may also want to have the freedom to cook some of your meals to save money on dining out but usually, can’t do so in a hotel. While some hotels offer a mini fridge and microwave, it can be difficult to cook using those options and villas will provide you with a full kitchen.

You can also have the privacy you need and ability to invite guests over to a private party. Hotels usually have rules about who is allowed in the rooms and amenities, such as pools. Villas will allow you to have house guests when necessary or to have a party by the pool if you want. Another benefit is that you won’t have to share common areas with strangers, such as hallways, lobbies, etc.


Many people find that hotels are impersonal because they’re made to all look and be the same. Villas are much different, and each one has its own theme and character. You could stay in each rental in Tortola and have a different experience each time, making them exceptional for those who hate hotel stays.


Villas can seem more costly at first, but in most cases, you’ll end up saving money. While renting one can be more expensive than a hotel stay for the same duration, and you’ll have a kitchen where you can cook, multiple bedrooms, so you only have one cost instead of paying for multiple rooms, private areas that aren’t shared with anyone else and so much more.

A villa rental in Tortola could provide you with the perfect getaway and may be something you can’t find in a hotel. Visit Greenbank Estate Villas today to learn more or to find out how to book one for your next stay.

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