Jul 21, 2015

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Top Activities to Do in Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos is the combined name of the Old Town of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Los Cabos used to be a traditional Mexican village with plenty of natural treasures including rocks submerged underwater, pattern of waterfalls that go beyond vision, astounding underground seascape, and beautiful hills with historic constructions. Here we have customized the long list of activities to do in Los Cabos Mexico and chosen some top activities for you.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The dark blue shallow waters of Los Cabos have hidden treasures for a spectacular sea dive. Wear your safety gear and scuba dive into the beautiful Mexican water to say hello to the groups of rays, jacks, turtles, and even sharks. For a more tropical booze, dive into the Cabo Pulmo National Park which is home to giant eels, rays, lobsters and other vibrant fish groups. Take selfies with your favorite underwater friends and relax on the coast while enjoying the spicy local Mexican food.


The crowded clubs, bars, and cantinas offer pure Mexican lifestyle with slight oomph of Western American cultures. Enjoy ‘la vida loca’ with the locals and dance to Mexican drumbeats around the fire. For electronic guitars and up-tempo beats, visit Passion Club, Pink Kitty, and Mandala. For techno and hip-hop, the Canibal Lounge is the option.

Don’t forget to taste the fervors of local microbreweries if you are a true beer aficionado. For wine, countless options include Baja Cantina, Zipper’s, Mango Deck, The Office, and Playa Costa Azul. Ladies can visit the Nowhere Bar every Tuesday for enjoying a girls’ night out with no men around.

Don’t Miss the Local Cuisine

Among all activities to do in Los Cabos Mexico, food is the highlight of them all. Offering pure Mexican flavors beyond jalapenos and coco-mint coladas, Los Cabos has countless options to satisfy your taste buds every day. Mexican specialties, pizzas, and burgers at Baja Cantina Marina, fresh and local family style dishes at Campestre Restaurant and extra spicy Mexican specialties at Solomon’s Landing will make you crave for more Mexican food.

Sunset Cruise Dinner after Kayaking and Paddle boarding

Burn your calories in Kayaking competition and step up the sunset cruises. Enjoy the relaxing meals while watching the sun setting down the mountains and blue waters. Watch the water absorbing the sun rays from the glass floors of sunset cruises. You can also learn paddle boarding and sport fishing in Los Cabos.

Take Part in Shore Excursions

Make the best out of your day trips by getting on the jeeps and go on shore excursion trips. You may also enjoy horse riding and whale and shark expedition as part of the activities to do in Los Cabos.

So stop spending and start saving because nothing can beat the cozy sunset and crazy nights at Los Cabos.

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