Apr 28, 2017

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Whale Watching Experts in California

Whale Watching Experts in California

Whale watching is a popular past time for many. It is a once in a life time experience for those who visit California and are fortunate enough to go on a whale watching cruise. There are many options available if you are looking for whale watching in Southern California.

The California Channel Islands
Eight of these California Channel Islands make up one of the great whale watching areas of California and are key to the Southern California Bight, which is home to many marine animals. There is a wide range of plant and animal life within this area; some are found in no other area of the world other than this collection of islands.  The four northern most islands are part of the popular marine watch area known as the Santa Barbara Channel. This is a haven for whales and other big marine animals and along with the Santa Barbara Island they comprise the world-famous Channel Islands National Park. The acres of water that encompass these five islands are teeing with life and has more than six miles of stunning waterway.  The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary is made up of more than 1,100 square nautical miles and is among the most popular whale watching locations for California cruises.

Diversity and Beauty
First discovered by explorers, gold hunters, fur traders and hunters, these islands are now an important part of the Southern California ecosystem, economy and community.  Today these islands, the plant and animal life they are home too, as well as all the archeological resources found there, are protected. Because of the rich treasure trove of diversity, these islands are open to limited visits in order to preserve the beauty and sanctity of the plant and animal life contained there. They are an important part of whale watching Southern California provides today.

To learn more about the variety of tours that are available, contact Condor Express today and check out all the amazing whale watching excursions they have throughout the season.  You will never forget your experience on a Southern California whale tour so book yours today!

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