Feb 8, 2018

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Why Summer Camp is Important to the Life of a Child

Summer camp allows children to maintain healthy minds, bodies, and social lives all year round. New Jersey summer camps are designed to keep children active, and help them cultivate new friendships. Children love summer camp in New Jersey, and parents also like knowing their kids are having fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Children’s summer camp is important for several reasons. One is that during the summer children get to learn more about nature, athletics, and social skills development than they do during the school year. Where else can your kids spend so much time swimming, or learn how to do archery?

Second, children get to meet new kids and not just hang out with the same friends they have in school. Some children resist going to summer camp at first, especially if they do not know anyone. Yet as soon as they arrive on their first day, they have made new friends for life. Camp counselors at Black Bear Lake can also become valuable mentors for your children.

Third, summer camp offers the opportunity for children to play outdoors much more than if they were to just stay at home. Playing video games all summer is not a great way for your children to learn and grow. When they come home from summer camp is when they can spend a few hours in front of the screen, but during the daylight hours they should be enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in the New Jersey summer.

A child’s cognitive and social skills are continually evolving. Just because school is out does not mean your child is not learning anymore. Summer camps in New Jersey might not teach literature and math in formal ways like in the classroom, but at camp all students have the opportunity to learn new and exciting things that can be valuable for their personal growth and development.

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