Oct 20, 2011

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Cottages – For your long holidays

CottagesCottages are standalone, modest living structures, generally in rural or semi rural areas. Cottages have now become a favorite living place for people willing to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city to a quite rural place or a hill station. People have started buying cottages to have a holiday getaway where whole family can live and enjoy together. Cottages can be found everywhere in the world and most of them are vacant and are only used by owners to live occasionally during vacations or are rented out for tourists so that they can enjoy the quite rural life while living at a well equipped place.

What are the features?

Cottages are similar to houses that we live in. The only difference is that they are not located amidst the noisy city. Cottages have a kitchen, well furnished living rooms, bathrooms, lavatories among other things. Many cottages also have a garden where people can enjoy a cup of tea during the quite rural evening or sunshine morning with birds chirping all around.

Can I get it on rent?

Yes you can. Many owners only visit their cottages occasionally during vacations and for rest of the time they are rented to customers. So, if you want to enjoy the calmness of a village and can’t spend a lot to buy a cottage of your own, you can always rent it. Owners generally have a care taker who looks after the renting and all. You will get your own kitchen where you can cook food. The caretaker would also be able to guide you about the tourist attractions nearby. Owners generally keep a security fees when the cottage is rented. If any damage is done by the customer, an equivalent amount is deducted from the security amount while the rest is returned.

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